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Monday, 02 September 2019 17:21

Difference between Organic and Paid Content Promotion

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If you aren't promoting your content you need to start doing that now.⠀

Promoting your content helps to increase website traffic, improve audience engagement, and help buyers make a decision to buy from you.⠀

There are two types of content promotion- Organic and Paid content promotion.⠀

Organic content promotion has to do with increasing the visibility of your content without having to spend money on boosting or promoting a post. This takes a lot of work compared to paid content advertising. You also need to be consistent in developing and publishing content so that you are not easily forgotten by your audience.⠀

Paid content promotion as the name implies, allows you to show your ads to a specific audience in exchange for some money. This type of promotion delivers your ads to the exact people that need your services, thus increasing sales.⠀

For you to get the best out of paid content promotion it's best you use the services of a professional to run it. A professional social media manager knows how to target your ads to reach your ideal buyers using their interest on social media platforms, demographics, down to the type of cell phones they use.⠀

Interesting right?⠀

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