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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 04:53

7 Ways Your Graphics Designs Can Stand Out

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How your brand is projected visually is important to your audience and visibility. A mix of appealing images and videos will not only increase engagement in your marketing but will also create greater awareness.

Adding visuals to your content is a sure way to give your content a boost. From pictures to videos to infographics and data visualizations are channels for creating visual content.

Incorporate Your Brand

Maintaining a consistent appearance to your customers through your marketing and advertising is the main goal and the first thing customers will recognize is your logo. Incorporate your logo into your content for customers to identify you. If you don't have a logo, you can use color combinations that will catch your audience's attention, colors that fit your content and be consistent with it.

Be Timely and Relevant

Ensure your visual content is relevant to your target market and unique to your brand. Consider what's on people's minds and what's trending as you create your images and videos and share what your audience wants.

Create Timeless Visual Content

Cost is key and social media is one of the ways to get free advertising. You want to make sure your visuals are highly relevant to your audience and do not change over time by sharing information your audience will always need.

Use Standard Images

Standard images are a simple way to add visuals to your content. While there are lots of photos online, it's better to offer your customers something unique by taking your own pictures. Ensure they are clear and good. Use grids or frames with the images to make the content more professional and to bring a sense of order. You can also use the empty area around your images to place your text.

Go beyond just Images

Vary the type of graphics you create and suit your delivery method to your audience to include interactive content such as infographics, short videos that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and links to your website or YouTube channel.
Infographics and data visualizations help to relay a larger amount of information or data to your customers in a visual manner. Infographics are useful for sharing figures, percentages, graphs, pie charts and other data that would seem heavy reading when presented in text content. Instead of listing data facts, create a chart to demonstrate the information the best way likewise, a list of important facts you want to provide your customers can be done with an infographic.

Videos are another great visuals to be used on social media and web presence. Videos allow you to add information to your content more than an image does. However, avoid long videos if you want people to watch it, keep your videos short and to the point and just enough to get their attention. "The average web user will only pay attention if the piece is no longer than 3 minutes" according to the infographic world.

Size and layout are key in producing eye-catching graphics. Pay attention to specific size requirements for each website and social media platforms and adjust your graphics accordingly. Save and use graphics in the right format to avoid them looking blurred or unprofessional. Text content should also be converted to a short video and shared on YouTube and other social media handles. 

Create Consistency

Consistency is key to Professionalism. People equate high-quality branded graphics with a high-quality branded business. Set Color Scheme, type, photo and layout guidelines for your graphics to have your own template for creating graphics for each of your posts.

This also helps your audience recognize your posts when they pop up on platforms where they'll be shared and also strive to be different; demonstrate innovation, creativity and come up with your own style.

Use the right Graphic Tools

These include apps like Canva, PicMonkey, Over.
Softwares include Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects(Video Production) and others.

Canva is good for those with no experience or skill in graphics design or if you don't want to create Graphics from scratch. It has pre-made templates that make creating graphics quick and easy.

Illustrator gives you endless possibilities to create different graphics, logos, photos, patterns or even create your templates for later use, although, it's quite expensive for a small business.

If you feel it's a daunting task and you want to hit the bull's eye and save your time, hire a graphics designer.

You can respond in the comment section if you need one or send us an email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be happy to help you out!

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