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Monday, 24 February 2020 11:27

4 things you should do to make sales

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Making sales online can be very challenging, sometimes depressing, for most people that are trying to build an online presence.

 The goal of every business owner is to make sales. If you're reading this post I'm also certain that is pretty much your goal as well. 

However, there are four things you need, to achieve this goal of making sales.

(1) Build Trust

 You need to let your prospects see you as a friend in order to convert them into customers. 

But how do you convert a total stranger to a friend? 

You need to engage with them, talk with them about random stuffs, not necessarily your business. 

Note that during this period of friendly interaction, they will also be seeing your updates on the goods you sell or the services you render so when you eventually pitch to them, it wouldn't be news to them because they are already subconsciously seeing you as an authority. 

(2)Grow your community

Reach out to your friends on Facebook to like your page and follow you on Instagram. The good thing about tagging friends is that it allows their friends or followers to also see your post, thus increasing engagement and page like/followers

(3) Run Sponsored Ads

Running paid ads with the goal of brand awareness will help increase your page likes and followers. 

The more money you put, the higher the number of likes/followers, but with the little you have, you can kick-start your growth process.

(4) Take Action

 You need to interact with your new followers so as to keep them engaged.

For more detailed information, check out this blog post - How To Make Sales On Facebook

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