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Will Uvoh

Will Uvoh

Saturday, 28 March 2020 08:38

How do you rank against your competitors?

Evaluating and comparing your products, services, policies, and strategies with those that are in the same line of business as you is referred to as Competitor benchmarking.

This gives you a workable analysis of why your competitors are doing much better than you, and how you can use the information gotten to improve your performance.

Benchmarking against smaller businesses within your niche can pay off as well.

 It means you can see who is performing well and how they’re doing it. That way you can be ready to always be a step ahead as they try to catch up with you. 

How To Measure Your Competitive Benchmark Metrics

'Brand Watch' is an amazing platform to track a vast range of metrics that covers yourself, your competitors, and any topic you’re interested in. 

As long as it's public data, or information shared on social media, you'll be able to track such informations.

Private data about your competitor might be quite challenging, but with proper research on sales reports, news articles, and press releases, you might be able to find something for your benchmarking.

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transforming starters into professionals

Many of us are unaware of the fact that the left side and right side of our brain perform different functions. 

The left side of our brain focuses on planning and implementation, while the right side of our brain focuses on ideas and creativity. ⠀

So when embarking on your next project, start by brainstorming for ideas, and then write them down so as not to forget. Once that is done, don't review them until after a couple of days. ⠀

This is important because you need the right side of your brain to cool down so your left side can be more active. When done this way you'll be able to come up with amazing plans and execute them effectively

So remember;

Source for ideas and write them down;

Take a break;

Resume planning and implementation.

Will Instills

transforming starters into professionals

You are not the only one that sells those products or render those services online.

How do you get to stand out from the crowd by attracting prospects and converting them into customers?

 Like the old saying "charity begins at home", you need to capture the attention of your audience from the beginning to the end. 

The home of your content is your headline. This is the first conversion tool you should utilize properly.

Your sales headline/title needs to be compelling enough to grab attention. 

Therefore you need to add some emotion to it. There are powerful words that steer up emotions such as; experience, secrets, astonishing, promising ; and the likes that can be added to your sales headline to capture attention.

Will Instills

transforming starters into professionals

Because of your daily challenges, you might probably find it a struggle to create content for your blogs, articles, and social media pages, which are meant to help your online business grow. ⠀

Outsourcing is a great way to create more time for yourself and still achieve your desired online results. ⠀

I can help you create the perfect content regularly, with graphics if needed, that are in line with your business goals and objectives.

You don't have to struggle through time and brainstorm for content ideas anymore

To get started, CLICK HERE

Will Instills

transforming starters into professionals

Monday, 24 February 2020 10:27

4 things you should do to make sales

Making sales online can be very challenging, sometimes depressing, for most people that are trying to build an online presence.

 The goal of every business owner is to make sales. If you're reading this post I'm also certain that is pretty much your goal as well. 

However, there are four things you need, to achieve this goal of making sales.

(1) Build Trust

 You need to let your prospects see you as a friend in order to convert them into customers. 

But how do you convert a total stranger to a friend? 

You need to engage with them, talk with them about random stuffs, not necessarily your business. 

Note that during this period of friendly interaction, they will also be seeing your updates on the goods you sell or the services you render so when you eventually pitch to them, it wouldn't be news to them because they are already subconsciously seeing you as an authority. 

(2)Grow your community

Reach out to your friends on Facebook to like your page and follow you on Instagram. The good thing about tagging friends is that it allows their friends or followers to also see your post, thus increasing engagement and page like/followers

(3) Run Sponsored Ads

Running paid ads with the goal of brand awareness will help increase your page likes and followers. 

The more money you put, the higher the number of likes/followers, but with the little you have, you can kick-start your growth process.

(4) Take Action

 You need to interact with your new followers so as to keep them engaged.

For more detailed information, check out this blog post - How To Make Sales On Facebook

Will instills

transforming starters into professionals

Monday, 24 February 2020 10:24

Storytelling is Key to Business Growth

Everybody loves a great story. Stories have the power to make you laugh, cry, discourage, and motivate you. In summary, stories manipulate emotions

Whatever a great story wants you to feel is what you feel. The goal of 'Coming to America' is to make you laugh, and so you laugh. The goal of 'Titanic' is to make you sympathetic, and so you cry.

Storytelling in business is about creating alignment between your business, your prospects, and your customers. 

It's more than what you just write on your blog or social media page. 

It's about your values and mission and how you communicate that consistently with prospects and customers wherever they are.

Stories help your prospects make sense of the decision they're about to take. 'Do I really need this product? Will this product help solve my problem? Is buying this product from Mr A or Mrs B the right thing to do?' Stories can help your prospects find the right answers to their questions.

When we talk about stories, it's not just about your history. More importantly, it's about WHY you're doing what you're doing, and telling it in a way that appeals to your prospects and customers.

How you frame the story you're trying to tell is important. Well, that's a story for another day.

Will Instills

Transforming starters into professionals

Monday, 24 February 2020 10:21

Your content should entertain and educate

The entertainment industry has taken over. 

People want to be entertained in everything they do. From Religion, to Politics, to Science; entertainment is what keeps people glued. 

How about your business? When was the last time you watched a Glo, Airtel, or MTN advertisement? That's a typical example of entertainment. 

You don't necessarily have to beg people to buy your products. Entertainment keeps you fresh in their minds. They can easily relate with it in their daily lives. 

Great content that entertains and educate, have the power to attract the right people to your business, convert them into leads, and close them into paying customers. ⠀

This will help build lasting relationship with them that is relatable.

Will Instills

Transforming starters into professionals

Monday, 24 February 2020 10:11

Video content and it's benefits

If you haven't added videos to your marketing strategy, then you're losing 1 potential customer in 4.

 According to Animoto, a cloud-based video creation company, 1 in 4 customers loses interest in a company if they don't make use of video advertisement. 

The good news is that videos can be used in all relevant social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope (which is owned by Twitter).

As customers, do you prefer watching videos of goods or services you need or you prefer reading about them?

Whichever method you enjoy is perfect as long as you derive satisfaction from it.

However, videos help you accomplish 3 things as a marketer;

1. It builds trust in your customers

2. It helps your customers see and anticipate what to expect from your product

3. It's difficult for them to forget especially when it entertains them through the use of music or comedy. .

Use videos and increase sales!

Will Instills

Transforming starters into professionals

Tuesday, 31 December 2019 17:43

Why Set Business Goals

For your business to attain the heights you want it to reach, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve. Goals can help you set the right priorities and take action.

Therefore we can say that goals keep you focused. It gives you a sense of direction rather than running your business aimlessly.

Another thing goal setting can do is to help you measure your progress. They help you see if you're achieving your business goals on time or you are somewhat lagging behind.

If it seems you're underachieving in terms of meeting your goals then its because you did not back them up with affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements you make that help you challenge yourself and overcome negative thoughts.

When combined with your set goals, there is no limit to what you can achieve. I personally have affirmations for sales I want to kick start my Goals 2020 with.

BEST PRACTICE: Create positive statements in line with your business goals and recite that every morning once you wake up and before going to bed at night.

Monday, 30 December 2019 21:00

Tool Box for 2020

This toolbox contains different businesses you can venture into and make money this year.

Start a blog
Starting a blog is very lucrative as you can make money through Google Adsense, Sell Private Ads, Sell Digital Products, Run affiliate marketing, or use it as a content marketing tool for your business.

You can check out amazing blogging courses for beginners on Udemy, Skillshare, and ryrob.com

Graphic Design
There's a high demand for those that design logos, posters, flyers, and banners. If you can learn how to create stunning designs for landing pages as well, you're ready to fly this year.

Adobe Illustrator is a great place to start in learning the foundation of graphic design. My Graphic Courses will be rolling out soon in a couple of weeks.

Web Development
Did you know that 6 out of 10 small businesses have a website? Web development is a valuable skill to learn as that number is visioned to increase this year.

Note that as a developer it's important to have some basic coding skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts. 'Web Developer Bootcamp' on Udemy is a great place to learn.

Teach Online
Do you have a valuable skill that you're good at? Many are interested in those skills but don't know who to turn to. You can create videos teaching people such skills and make quite a lot of money from it.

This is a perfect business you can embark on if you don't like stress. The dropshipping concept is amazing. All you have to do is to get reliable suppliers' contact, establish a relationship with them, and market their products using their photos and videos on your social media platforms. Once you receive payment for a product, you remove your percentage and send the supplier his money and the address the goods should be delivered to. You don't need capital to start.

Affiliate Marketing
If you own a blog, affiliate marketing can fetch you lots of money. According to one research report, 38% of bloggers make between $7000-25000 per month from affiliate marketing.
You can read this blog post to gain more insights into affiliate marketing.

Social Media Manager
Small businesses and startups are always looking for social media managers to help them grow their online presence. Even Influencers!

Websites such as Fiverr, CareerBuilder, and Flexjobs have a lot of jobs related to social media management.

Start Uber
If you have a car and need a side hustle, being an Uber driver is quite profitable. Make sure you check out all their requirements on their website and then make your decision.

Build An App
These days there seems to be an app for everything and thousands of dollars is being made. You can take a course on how to build an app and start cashing out massively
But before you embark on this, make sure you do market research about the competition as well as the revenue model.

Freelance Content Writing
There's a huge demand for content writers. Experienced freelancers earn between $1000-5000 per week.

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