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Saturday, 06 July 2019 07:18

Benefits of Engaging Directly with your Prospects and Customers

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The purpose of Social Media is for you to be Social. You need to interact with your followers and prospects. You need to be empathetic and show them you are human. Talk to them as if you already know them.

Why is this important?

▪️ It shows your followers that you care and that you're interested to them
▪️ It shows that you are listening and genuinely want to improve their situation and not just to sell and make a profit for yourself
▪️ It also helps you to know the challenges your prospects are going through; Do they have financial challenges and cannot currently afford what you are offering? Can you offer them something free or less expensive that can still solve their problem?

▪️ Finally, it helps you provide additional value to them, give advice and show them a fun version of you.

These will help build your brand, improve your reputation, and increase customer loyalty and trust.

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