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Thursday, 01 August 2019 11:12

When is the best time to boost your post on social media?

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If you have a business account on Instagram or a Facebook page you definitely will have come across this statement - "This post is performing 90% better than your other post, Boost Now".

Whether the post is doing well or not, Instagram and Facebook want you to advertise. It's business and they have to make money.

Do you have to boost every post they tell you to? You certainly don't want to do that unless you have an abundance of resources. You might say - "I can boost a post anytime I have great content worth boosting", but is that the right thing to do? Who decides if the content is great? You might have amazing content that looks so great but to others, it looks ordinary. That's why you don't rush into boosting a post. 

When you want to boost a post it's best you boost a post that is already highly engaging organically. First, observe how others react to it, if it receives high engagement then it's a great content that needs to be boosted.

When your post does well organically you can only imagine how well it will perform when you boost it.

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