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Wednesday, 13 November 2019 16:42

Bragging Ruins Businesses! How?

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When marketing, it's only natural to brag about how great your product or service is especially when you know it's first class. Even those that sell terrible items hype their products like it's a cure to sin and death. You hear them say it cures Malaria, Typhoid, Stooling, Breast Cancer, Ebola, HIV, and depression. Just one product! That's absurd!

Avoid hyping your product or services too much. You might end up convincing a prospect to buy, but when they use your product and see that it has been overhyped, they ain't coming back.

Have you read the book by Seth Godin "All Marketers tell stories"? Take some time to look at the photo below to see what was initially said about marketers.

You don't want people to have that perception of you, do you?

Instead of overhyping your product by lying, tell your prospects a great story. Focus on how you can meet the needs of your customers. Tell them why they need that product and how it can help solve their problem.

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