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Monday, 09 November 2020 13:00

What is Content Marketing?

For you to effectively grow your business, you need to create and distribute content that’s valuable to your audience and relevant to their needs without drifting away from the goal your content is to achieve, which could be to move them to take a certain action. That's what Content Marketing is all about.

Content marketing is all about your audience, what they value, and how you can help educate them. It helps create a relationship with your audience that leads to trust. When your audience trusts you, they’ll be more willing to do business with you whenever a need arises. Your business needs content marketing because communication is key to winning customers over. In order to communicate with your audience, you need to produce content. Content is the message you pass across to your audience through blogs social media, emails, or websites. How you pass this message determines how successful your sales campaign becomes.

How do you get started with content marketing?

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your prospects without having to sell to them initially.

To get started with content marketing you need to use your content to build relationships with your audience.

Produce content that's valuable to your audience and relevant to their needs; Produce content that provides a solution to problems they’ve been struggling with; Produce content that educates or entertains them.

When you add consistency to all of these, your audience begins to recognize you as an industry thought leader and this builds trust in them to do business with you. To get started with content marketing you can visit Learning Room, to begin with the basics or follow me on Instagram .

The Connection between Inbound and Outbound Marketing with Content Marketing

Outbound marketing is the traditional approach of marketing which includes direct mail, cold calling, radio ads, television ads, trade shows, e.t.c.

It is often called interruption marketing because whether you’re interested or not, the ads are imposed on you.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is when you promote your business with various forms of quality content through blogs, search engine optimization, social media, videos, infographics, newsletters, podcasts, whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

The idea behind inbound marketing is to create and distribute relevant and valuable content that your customers want.

The useful content pulls visitors toward your business page, brings them closer to your brand, engages them, and converts them into customers as well as loyal followers.

Inbound marketing has so many similarities with content marketing. Inbound and content marketing both focus on empowering potential customers, building a lasting relationship with your audience, and creating valuable content that both entertains and educates.

Although inbound marketing contains every aspect of content marketing, it also includes some valuable inbound projects like technical SEO, products or service trials, marketing automation, and interactive tools that are not included in content marketing. Therefore, if your business does content and inbound marketing, your business will not be restricted to only content marketing approach; it will also include some inbound projects as mentioned above and make your marketing strategy more effective.

Inbound Methodology- The secret to winning sales

The inbound methodology has four stages. Your content should have the power to pull people from one stage of the inbound methodology to the next in order for you to make sales upon sales with ease.

These stages include- Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. Some call it the ACCD approach.

Your content should be able to attract the right people to your business, convert them into leads or prospects, nurture and help close them into customers, and always delight them, turning them into promoters of your brand for free.

The secret to winning sales, therefore, is that your content should play an integral part in the attract, convert, close, and delight stages of your inbound methodology.

Why Content Marketing is Key to business growth

Sometime last week @canvalorrd on IG asked a tricky question – “Which comes first, customers or employees?

This is a very tricky question because there are so many points of view to it.

No matter what point of view you have, without great content or without the right message passed across to prospects at the right time, your business will not scale online.

Content marketing offers you the opportunity to identify your target audience and provide the right message to attract them to you and convert them into buyers.

It is also important because it helps you focus on providing value and educating your audience, thus creating a relationship or a bond between you and them.

Have you ever had someone contact you, place an order, and make payments with few or no questions asked? How did you feel? Content Marketing can offer your business more of this.

Would you like to learn more? Visit  Learning Room, to begin with the basics or follow me on Instagram .

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Monday, 06 January 2020 20:24

Why Create Content For Your Business

Content is an integral part of building trust and establishing a positive brand reputation which can help you grow your audience and attract new ones. The power of persuasion is the end goal of marketing and advertising, after all said and done, you want people to patronize your business hence the need to create the right content to attract people.

 Imagine this:

Scenario A: Get new shoes for #5000.

Scenario B: Are you a classy lady looking for what suits your style, something affordable yet comfortable, then these shoes are for you. Contact xxx

Which would you go for of the two options? 

One provides the right content for a product, grabs attention and wants to offer value while the other just seems like it wants to rip you off. Of a truth, It's loud and grabs attention but you don't really know what you're getting. According to Simon Sinek and other reports, people do things for the sake of 'why' not necessarily out of need or want, what does it offer them, what do they stand to gain? Therefore, creating the right content/information towards the needs of people, what they stand to gain, how much value they can get or that your product offers is creating the right magnet for your brand. 

Words, representations, graphics serving to create awareness about your product, explaining the advantages and the edge it has over similar businesses is creating the right content for your business. 


Creating content also known as content marketing allows you to connect with and educate your customers or an audience. It helps to build trust and confidence in your brand. It gives customers the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. 

It also helps your business visibility online. Tech clients proved that content creation is the most effective SEO technique. The more content you create, the more you're likely to turn up on search engines and also get visitors to your website. It creates consistent traffic to grow your brand and boost sales as it helps customers recognize you as a brand or expert in that industry, thereby increasing their confidence in you to make purchases. Content is king, having put much time, efforts and resources in creating a product, create the right content for people to value it as much as you do. 

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