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Monday, 30 December 2019 22:00

Tool Box for 2020

This toolbox contains different businesses you can venture into and make money this year.

Start a blog
Starting a blog is very lucrative as you can make money through Google Adsense, Sell Private Ads, Sell Digital Products, Run affiliate marketing, or use it as a content marketing tool for your business.

You can check out amazing blogging courses for beginners on Udemy, Skillshare, and ryrob.com

Graphic Design
There's a high demand for those that design logos, posters, flyers, and banners. If you can learn how to create stunning designs for landing pages as well, you're ready to fly this year.

Adobe Illustrator is a great place to start in learning the foundation of graphic design. My Graphic Courses will be rolling out soon in a couple of weeks.

Web Development
Did you know that 6 out of 10 small businesses have a website? Web development is a valuable skill to learn as that number is visioned to increase this year.

Note that as a developer it's important to have some basic coding skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts. 'Web Developer Bootcamp' on Udemy is a great place to learn.

Teach Online
Do you have a valuable skill that you're good at? Many are interested in those skills but don't know who to turn to. You can create videos teaching people such skills and make quite a lot of money from it.

This is a perfect business you can embark on if you don't like stress. The dropshipping concept is amazing. All you have to do is to get reliable suppliers' contact, establish a relationship with them, and market their products using their photos and videos on your social media platforms. Once you receive payment for a product, you remove your percentage and send the supplier his money and the address the goods should be delivered to. You don't need capital to start.

Affiliate Marketing
If you own a blog, affiliate marketing can fetch you lots of money. According to one research report, 38% of bloggers make between $7000-25000 per month from affiliate marketing.
You can read this blog post to gain more insights into affiliate marketing.

Social Media Manager
Small businesses and startups are always looking for social media managers to help them grow their online presence. Even Influencers!

Websites such as Fiverr, CareerBuilder, and Flexjobs have a lot of jobs related to social media management.

Start Uber
If you have a car and need a side hustle, being an Uber driver is quite profitable. Make sure you check out all their requirements on their website and then make your decision.

Build An App
These days there seems to be an app for everything and thousands of dollars is being made. You can take a course on how to build an app and start cashing out massively
But before you embark on this, make sure you do market research about the competition as well as the revenue model.

Freelance Content Writing
There's a huge demand for content writers. Experienced freelancers earn between $1000-5000 per week.

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