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Wednesday, 12 August 2020 15:31

How to create a Whatsapp Business Account

WhatsApp is great for chatting with family and friends, viewing their status and even calling them using voice or video call

But is there a way you can optimize it to be more business-friendly?

The answer is YES! In 2018, Facebook officially launched the Whatsapp for Business app

With the Whatsapp for Business app, you can do much more than what your regular WhatsApp app can do.

You'll have access to automated tools to help communicate quickly with customers on your behalf. You can also create a catalog to showcase your products or services for customers to easily see what you have to offer, and so much more

To get started, you'll need to download the WhatsApp for Business app on play store or App store.

Once you've downloaded it and opened it, all you have to do is to follow the instructions including inputting your phone number. WhatsApp will guide you through

After you're done with all of that and want to make adjustments to the setup, open the app and click on the menu bar that looks like this ≡ that is located at the top right corner and then click on settings

Once you click on Settings, you'll see an option for business settings. This is where you set up your business profile, catalog, automated messages for when you are away, as well as automated greetings and quick reply.

You'll also have access to insights on how many messages you've sent, how many were delivered and so much more.

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If you're running a business on Instagram and you've not switched to using a business profile, you're missing out greatly.

An Instagram business profile gives you access to more instagram features than your regular profile.

You can track your page and post performance, engagements, likes, e.t.c, using Instagram Insight. You can run sponsored ads and boost posts to attract customers and increase sales, and so much more.

To setup your business profile on mobile, open the Instagram app on your device.

Click on your profile picture that's located at the bottom right corner of your screen and then click on Edit profile that's at the top of your screen.

Next, you'll see Switch to professional accountat the bottom of the page. Once you click on that, Instagram will ask to find out if you're a public figure or a local business or brand.

From here on, you'll be guided by Instagram in turning your account into a business account. All you have to do is to answer the questions and go with the flow.

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Saturday, 04 April 2020 06:57

This is the best way to make sales

"People don't buy what you do, they buy Why you do it"

The above statement was made by Simon Sinek, a British author and motivational speaker that is popular for the Golden Circle rule.

When pitching a product, most marketers use storytelling to pitch which is very effective. But what they do wrong is that when telling their story they start with WHAT it is they're selling first, before telling them how and why they're selling it.

In application of the golden circle rule, you are to tell prospects WHY you're selling that product first, before telling them how it will benefit them, and then finally what it actually is.

How you frame your sales pitch is important because when you speak to a person, you're communicating with the two parts of the person's brain in mind.

When you're talking about 'WHAT', you're speaking to the analytical part of the brain which is less receptive to a sales pitch.

But when you talk about the WHY and then the HOW, you'll be communicating with feelings and dealing with human behaviour, thus tapping into the emotional side of the person while at the same time educating and building awareness about your product in them.

So when next you're planning content for sales, take time to think through the way you're going to tell it.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020 18:51

How to handle a social media crisis

A social media crisis is an incident that happens on social media with the potential to damage the reputation of an individual, business, or organisation.

It could arise as a result of making the wrong statement or misinterpretation, the quality of products you claim to sell, or as a result of a questionable action you took in the past that has been revealed.

As long as we're humans, social media crisis are inevitable. Truth be told, your business is likely to face it one way or the other.

The big guns have had their fair share of it such as the Uber Crisis in 2017 and the Facebook crisis in 2018.

The question is; What do you do when your business is faced with a crisis?

Well, the first thing you do is not to panic, remain calm and try to understand what might have steered up the crisis

Secondly, try to understand people's emotions as regards to the crisis. Pay attention to feedback, comments, sentiment, and false information that could be spreading. This will go a long way in helping you give the appropriate response.

Ensure you have the ability to monitor all the incoming social conversations to get the sense of the urgency of the crisis or problem

When responding, be sincere and transparent as possible, if there's a need for apology do it immediately within an hour.

So remember, when faced with a social media crisis;

Remain calm

Understand people's emotion

Monitor social conversation

Be sincere and transparent as possible

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Sunday, 29 March 2020 11:41

How to respond to Customer's Complaint

Your response under criticism helps to determine the integrity of your business. 

It has the power to either attract new customers or lose existing customers. 

There are 3 things to bear in mind when responding to customers complaint;

1. Don't leave them hanging: 

According to Toister Performance Solution, more than 85 percent of customers think businesses should respond to their complaints within an hour. 

If you might need a few days to investigate the customers complaint, let them know, don't leave them clueless.

Your failure to respond might lead the customer to believe that you don't care about them.

2. Listen and be quick to apologize:

Always consider your customers view point and listen without interruption.

Apologies doesn't make you guilty of an accusation, it shows that you're concerned about your customers happiness and satisfaction. And even if you're right, you aren't happy because your customer had a disappointing experience. 

3. Provide Immediate Solution:

After listening and apologizing, you can share your own side of the story with the customer. Not an excuse, but an explanation.

Sometimes you might find out that it was a simple misunderstanding, or lack of information that made the customer to react

Next, you should provide immediate solution to address the complaint. 

Shift the attention away from the problem and focus on the solution. Avoid making promises that you can't keep. 

If possible, give the customer a discount on his purchase.

Why these 3 things are important

When a customer makes a public complaint, for example on social media, everyone is watching. 

Both your existing customers and your prospects are watching. 

If you use the wrong words or react the wrong way, you'll be pushing potential customers far away from your business, and even lose some genuine customers as well.

So remember;

Always respond to Customers

Be quick to apologize

Provide immediate solution

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Monday, 24 February 2020 11:11

Video content and it's benefits

If you haven't added videos to your marketing strategy, then you're losing 1 potential customer in 4.

 According to Animoto, a cloud-based video creation company, 1 in 4 customers loses interest in a company if they don't make use of video advertisement. 

The good news is that videos can be used in all relevant social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope (which is owned by Twitter).

As customers, do you prefer watching videos of goods or services you need or you prefer reading about them?

Whichever method you enjoy is perfect as long as you derive satisfaction from it.

However, videos help you accomplish 3 things as a marketer;

1. It builds trust in your customers

2. It helps your customers see and anticipate what to expect from your product

3. It's difficult for them to forget especially when it entertains them through the use of music or comedy. .

Use videos and increase sales!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 05:53

7 Ways Your Graphics Designs Can Stand Out

How your brand is projected visually is important to your audience and visibility. A mix of appealing images and videos will not only increase engagement in your marketing but will also create greater awareness.

Adding visuals to your content is a sure way to give your content a boost. From pictures to videos to infographics and data visualizations are channels for creating visual content.

Incorporate Your Brand

Maintaining a consistent appearance to your customers through your marketing and advertising is the main goal and the first thing customers will recognize is your logo. Incorporate your logo into your content for customers to identify you. If you don't have a logo, you can use color combinations that will catch your audience's attention, colors that fit your content and be consistent with it.

Be Timely and Relevant

Ensure your visual content is relevant to your target market and unique to your brand. Consider what's on people's minds and what's trending as you create your images and videos and share what your audience wants.

Create Timeless Visual Content

Cost is key and social media is one of the ways to get free advertising. You want to make sure your visuals are highly relevant to your audience and do not change over time by sharing information your audience will always need.

Use Standard Images

Standard images are a simple way to add visuals to your content. While there are lots of photos online, it's better to offer your customers something unique by taking your own pictures. Ensure they are clear and good. Use grids or frames with the images to make the content more professional and to bring a sense of order. You can also use the empty area around your images to place your text.

Go beyond just Images

Vary the type of graphics you create and suit your delivery method to your audience to include interactive content such as infographics, short videos that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and links to your website or YouTube channel.
Infographics and data visualizations help to relay a larger amount of information or data to your customers in a visual manner. Infographics are useful for sharing figures, percentages, graphs, pie charts and other data that would seem heavy reading when presented in text content. Instead of listing data facts, create a chart to demonstrate the information the best way likewise, a list of important facts you want to provide your customers can be done with an infographic.

Videos are another great visuals to be used on social media and web presence. Videos allow you to add information to your content more than an image does. However, avoid long videos if you want people to watch it, keep your videos short and to the point and just enough to get their attention. "The average web user will only pay attention if the piece is no longer than 3 minutes" according to the infographic world.

Size and layout are key in producing eye-catching graphics. Pay attention to specific size requirements for each website and social media platforms and adjust your graphics accordingly. Save and use graphics in the right format to avoid them looking blurred or unprofessional. Text content should also be converted to a short video and shared on YouTube and other social media handles. 

Create Consistency

Consistency is key to Professionalism. People equate high-quality branded graphics with a high-quality branded business. Set Color Scheme, type, photo and layout guidelines for your graphics to have your own template for creating graphics for each of your posts.

This also helps your audience recognize your posts when they pop up on platforms where they'll be shared and also strive to be different; demonstrate innovation, creativity and come up with your own style.

Use the right Graphic Tools

These include apps like Canva, PicMonkey, Over.
Softwares include Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects(Video Production) and others.

Canva is good for those with no experience or skill in graphics design or if you don't want to create Graphics from scratch. It has pre-made templates that make creating graphics quick and easy.

Illustrator gives you endless possibilities to create different graphics, logos, photos, patterns or even create your templates for later use, although, it's quite expensive for a small business.

If you feel it's a daunting task and you want to hit the bull's eye and save your time, hire a graphics designer.

You can respond in the comment section if you need one or send us an email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be happy to help you out!

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Having a carefully organized strategy in place for content creation should be embedded in your business plan.

To succeed in your content marketing efforts, you must consider creating the right content and posting it for the right audience and at the right time. You might say 'I'm not a writer or a marketer' but once you know the value of your product and also want people to recognize that value and increase your sales then you need to put an effort into creating compelling content for your brand.
Factor-in your audience, reach, aims/goals, timing, delivery, tool of marketing amongst others into every content you create to ensure that it reaches the right people at the right time to promote your brand.
To Get Started:

Define Your Goal

This is the result you want to achieve in your business via your content creation. Whether it's to raise brand awareness, improve customer service, customer conversion(turning site visitors into customers), boost sales or get subscribers, be clear on the goal you want to achieve for your content marketing efforts. Determine how you want to portray your brand by developing a voice unique to your business based on Why you do what you do, what you believe in, and How does your content add values to readers' lives, this helps you to set yourself apart from the competition and develop a strong content strategy.

Define Your Audience or Target Market

The more you know your audience, the better you create content for them. Don't create content for just anyone, words are valuable real estate. Plan your content to meet the wants and needs, interest and challenges of your audience not just to suit your thinking. Be very clear who you're talking to with your content by developing your audience profile- who he/she is? what information does the person need? what does the person care about? Don't assume the answers but take a survey or research of your target market. This allows you to tailor your content to suit your audience, to draw them in, to engage them and boost traffic to your brand. Someone selling baby products knows that the target audience is adults - mothers and not the babies itself that will use the product. This is why you need to know your audience.

Provide Value

Create content that speaks to your target audience and provides value. Whether it's entertaining or educational, use your content as an opportunity to show customers what your brand is all about. Provide valuable knowledge that helps your readers make a more educated purchasing decision. For Example:
'Are you tired of tawdry hair extensions, failing you at a moment's notice? Then get Funbi's braids and extensions for the best experience. We...'
It's a good way to start creating content that meets the needs and challenges of your audience. 80% of internet users like to learn about companies through the custom content they provide. When people say 'let's check their website' they want to see pieces of information that prove you're genuine or not which determines if they'll move on or stay. Right content gives visitors reasons to stay on your site. This impacts your search engine optimization as Google sees time spent on site as one indicator that your sites provide valuable content likewise investing in social media content has been found to increase traffic too.

Suitable Timing

This also affects the content you create. Create different lengths of content to engage your audience and suit your marketing tool. From Email Marketing to social media, there are different tactics you can use to attract and engage your ideal audience. Determining the best time for content posting involves research. Test different timings to know which works for your audience when you're able to reach them the most. Here are some studies:

Twitter: Early Evening /Early Morning (Mid-morning)
Facebook: Timing varies but the early afternoon is a good time for content posting. Also:
Thursdays and Fridays get 18% higher engagement rates
Weekends get 32% higher engagement rates
Email: According to MailChimp, 8-11 am, 12-2 pm is perfect for sending newsletters as response rates are higher during those periods.

Running your tests helps to find out a suitable time for content posting, which should be times you get the most engagements.

Ensure all your Content has a Call-To-Action (CTA)

If your content has served its purpose to engage, educate, inspire and build trust with your audience, allow your audience to respond. Include a clear call-to-action to let your readers know what they should do next whether making a purchase, getting more information or contacting you. CTA could be encouraging them to share your post, asking a question for visitors to comment or leaving a comment option open. Make your calls-to-action very clear and use simple language, make it easy for your audience to take the next step.

Have a Schedule for Publishing Your Content

Consistency is Key! You want to keep promoting your business to put your brand in people's eyes and minds. Have a calendar (Editorial Calendar) where you plan your content; when you release your post/content or which day for which content? This helps you stay organized and what people will know you for and what to expect.

You might be saying 'but I'm not a writer, I don't know how to create content' not to worry. Skills are learned. You can write out how you feel about your product and what you want to be known for, what you're providing and the advantage you have over others, then get someone to edit it for you or better still learn how to write or hire a good content writer to do that for you.
Remember Content is king and a right magnet to your brand.
Stay tuned for more tips and how to create an Editorial Calendar

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Monday, 06 January 2020 20:24

Why Create Content For Your Business

Content is an integral part of building trust and establishing a positive brand reputation which can help you grow your audience and attract new ones. The power of persuasion is the end goal of marketing and advertising, after all said and done, you want people to patronize your business hence the need to create the right content to attract people.

 Imagine this:

Scenario A: Get new shoes for #5000.

Scenario B: Are you a classy lady looking for what suits your style, something affordable yet comfortable, then these shoes are for you. Contact xxx

Which would you go for of the two options? 

One provides the right content for a product, grabs attention and wants to offer value while the other just seems like it wants to rip you off. Of a truth, It's loud and grabs attention but you don't really know what you're getting. According to Simon Sinek and other reports, people do things for the sake of 'why' not necessarily out of need or want, what does it offer them, what do they stand to gain? Therefore, creating the right content/information towards the needs of people, what they stand to gain, how much value they can get or that your product offers is creating the right magnet for your brand. 

Words, representations, graphics serving to create awareness about your product, explaining the advantages and the edge it has over similar businesses is creating the right content for your business. 


Creating content also known as content marketing allows you to connect with and educate your customers or an audience. It helps to build trust and confidence in your brand. It gives customers the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. 

It also helps your business visibility online. Tech clients proved that content creation is the most effective SEO technique. The more content you create, the more you're likely to turn up on search engines and also get visitors to your website. It creates consistent traffic to grow your brand and boost sales as it helps customers recognize you as a brand or expert in that industry, thereby increasing their confidence in you to make purchases. Content is king, having put much time, efforts and resources in creating a product, create the right content for people to value it as much as you do. 

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Monday, 30 December 2019 21:07

Starting 2020 On The Right Foot

The Long-awaited vision 2020 is here. A lot of you are happy, a lot of you had fun yesterday night and all.

Everyone is happy to finally enter a new year but bear in mind that some are lying in the hospitals while some are at a financial roadblock with 6 kids to feed and no shelter for them to leave in.

Let's all help our fellow neighbors in any way we can. It could be through prayers, words of encouragement, job creation, or if available, financially.

This is not something you do just because it's a new year. Today is just like every other day. The sun didn't decide to come out in the evening and the moon in the morning because it's a new year. So it's just another new day! Assisting those that truly need help should be a way of life for us.

As business owners, we need to start the year on the right foot. How was last year? Was it all you dreamed it would be or was it the opposite? Now is the time to make proper plans on how to grow your business this year and make massive sales. As the saying goes, "charity begins at home", thus, for you to grow your business this year you need to grow yourself in terms of knowledge, priorities, and time management.

The first thing you should do to start your business on the right foot this year is to set goals. Did you set Goals 2019? If you didn't you need to set Goals 2020. Layout your business goals and work on strategies to achieve those goals. Affirmations help greatly as well and it could turn out to be that extra push you need in achieving your set goals.

Lastly, don't forget to read. You need to set time to read. Every month, you can choose a motivational book or a book that would have a positive impact on your business. Reading the right books shape you into the CEO you want to be. There are tons of articles and EBooks to read online, take advantage.

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